Together, Tricia, Dan and Peyton have restored three century homes by hand. The number of contractors hired can be counted on one old shop teacher’s hand. There haven’t been many. Through this process they have developed the creative skills necessary to deal with shade-tree engineering of generation’s past. These abilities have evolved from that of survival to honest passion.

Tricia spent much of her career in corporate finance working with banks, developers and title companies. Dan began in marketing and sales for an industrial supply company and eventually landed in information management. Together, Dan and Tricia have been serial entrepreneurs investing in their own futures through both on-going and long-since-past pursuits.

Urban Eclectic Life represents a professional revitalization; it includes a unique blend of business acumen, personal passion and escape from a life too largely driven by computers, mobile phones and buttoned-up etiquette. And, let’s be honest. This endeavor is likely born of too much time spent watching HGTV, the DIY network and This Old House.

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