Honey Locust Interlaced Live Edge Wall Rack (16″ x 36″)



This one-of-a-kind wall rack is a beautiful addition to any entryway or master bath. Use it to hang hats and scarves or towels and robes.

A functioning piece of art made from two separate live-edge Honey Locust slabs, the boards were hand milled following harvest and cut to interlock the two specimens. Verticals 1, 3 and 5 are from the first live-edge slab. The second board makes up the remaining vertical boards. The three right-most verticals are held in natural order to preserve the unique wood grain swirl of the Honey Locust but are milled to match the balance of the design.

All pegs are positions using brass rods visible as the third tier is allowed to run through the large knothole. The wood is very smoothly sanded and finished with Tung Oil giving it a warm, organic honey hue. Caught in different lights, the wood grain seems to dance.

The piece is mounted to the wall with a metal wall cleat included with purchase.

These particular boards were harvested from a private estate in South Carolina by the owner and acquired in northern Ohio. Honey Locust is a fairly unique wood species and is considered quite hard. The Janka Hardness rating of 1,580 lbs is greater than White Oak or Hard Maple.