Reconstruction Era Harvest Table


Handmade 7′ Harvest Table

The top is made of hand-planed Sycamore planks recovered from a Reconstruction Era barn in Ohio. It has 35 finish coats on the top surface and was wet sanded to 5,000 grit by hand. The wood presents both stunning grains but also preserves the past with rectangular nail holes and intentionally preserved imperfections. It is a fine balance of refinement, natural beauty and utilitarian service.

The base is made of solid white oak rescued from the same homestead as the tabletop. The central stringer can be “dressed up” be flipping it to solid wood, or “dressed down” by presenting the large checking (naturally occurring split or crack in the wood). The stringer pins are made from the same reclaimed oak and are shaped to resemble railroad spikes. The entire base breaks down by removing the large top stringers held in place by four (4) furniture bolts and the wood railroad spikes.

This table is a sight to behold. It is a one-of-a-kind statement piece of heirloom quality.

The dimensions are 31″ wide by 7′ long. It is standard height finishing to around 30″ with recessed leveling feet. It works wonderfully as a spacious four (4) top table for foodies or six (6) for dining. It can also be purposed as a distinctive executive desk.