Tack Wine Rack


Six (6) bottle wine rack constructed of reclaimed tack rack from salvaged stable. Two (2) are available and built from the same lumber. The backer board contains remnants of authentic blacksmith hammered flat nails. The tack boards contain square wood pegs.

The tack board is mounted to the backer board with stainless steel screws and both complementary specimens are finished in multiple coats of semi-gloss Polyurethane.

These racks can be mounted horizontally or vertically, but the installation cleat is attached for a horizontal installation. These are heavy and should be screwed confidently into wall studs or wallboard using heavy duty wall anchors.

40-1/2″ Long
8-1/4″ Tall
3-3/4″ Deep

Please note only two (2) of these racks are available. The price is for one of the two. Both racks are represented in the photos. If possible we will work with you to ship the rack of your choosing provided it is available.

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